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Tips on choosing a Bedroom Rug

Waking up in the morning is an important step in starting your day off right, and if the first place your feet touch is on a cold hard floor, then that is a step in the wrong direction. A nice area rug big enough for he bed, and bedroom can easily help you over come this challenge. Figuring out the right size for an under-the-bed rug does not have to be a difficult journey, and depending on your bedroom aesthetic, you have a few different options when it comes to size.

Here is a general guide to sizing a rug depending upon the size of your bed:

King size bed: 9x12 rug or larger

Queen size bed: 8x10 to 9x12

Full Size bed: 6x9 to 8x10

Twin Size bed: 5x7 minimum.

These sizes will leave enough overhang for your feet to land on the rug when stepping out of the bed. Depending on how much furniture you have in the room and where the furniture is located opens up some additional factors to consider.

First option: Under the bed only...

Let’s start with the basics. Measure your bed frame and then add at least 18” on each side for it to extend. For a queen bed, a 6x9 rug would be the smallest and an 8x10 would be the best for a standard-sized room. One thing to consider is that if you go with a smaller size rug, trying to place your nightstands will make the area around your bed look and feel cramped. Your best bet, in that case, would be to place the rug so that the nightstands are off by moving the rug towards the foot of the bed.

Second option: Thinking about furniture...

Going with an 8x10 or larger means you can anchor your nightstands on the rug. This size gives you plenty of room for added comfort and shows more of the design and color of the rug, which will play into the overall aesthetic of your room. If you have the space, consider going with a 9x12 rug, as this will allow for a more dynamic impact and give ample space for other furniture. This size gives the best proportions for king-sized beds and comfortably fits two nightstands and a bench at the end while still providing enough coverage for walking around. When it comes to your dresser, the edge of the rug should not press up against the legs.

Third option: Runners around the bed...

Runners are another option and a good choice if your room is asymmetrical. Find a runner rug that is slightly wider than your nightstands, and that won’t extend past the end of the bed. The runners should be placed on either side of your bed and without any furniture on top of them. You can also pair them with another runner at the foot of the bed, just make sure the runner's length is similar to the width of the bed.

Choosing a too-small rug will make a larger room feel off-balance, while going with a larger rug can make your room feel more prominent. If you go with a larger rug, try and leave at least 8” of space between the edge of the rug and the walls. Measure the size of your bed frame, not just the mattress, and keep in consideration the size of your room as well to compensate for the 8” of space.

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