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Spotlight On: Gabbeh Rugs - The Elegance of Simplicity

The Gabbeh Rug is a type of Hand-woven Oriental Rug that originated in the Zagros Mountain Range of modern day Iran. The term Gabbeh comes from the Persian word meaning 'raw, natural, or un-cut', which characterizes these pieces very well.

These rugs are known for having dense, fairly thick wool piles woven on a cotton foundation. The rug designs are fairly simple, yet the blending of wool shades and small character details give these rugs a unique richness. Although the Gabbeh Rug originated in Persia, these types of rugs are woven in a number of different regions today such as India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Gabbeh Rugs add comfort to any space and are easy to decorate around because their simplicity harmonizes well with many different types of decor. These rugs are available in a number of different sizes from 2x3's, Runners, and Room Sizes. If you are looking for a beautiful hand-woven rug with a bit more of a modern flair and at a lower price point...then the Gabbeh may be the perfect rug for you. You can find these rugs, as well as many other types and designs right here at Shaia Rugs!

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