New Collection

Shaia Oriental Rugs has over 35 years of providing quality oriental rugs and carpets. Our philosophy is one based on integrity, knowledge, and steadfast tradition.  Some of the most spectacular rugs you’ve ever seen can be found in our showroom. Spread out in front of you and piled high around the room are hundreds of extraordinarily beautiful rugs from all over the world, including Persia, Afganistan, Pakistan, India, and Turkey. True connoisseurs know that it takes both passion and expertise to sell and care for fine Oriental rugs.  For people who are serious about Orientals, therefore, Shaia Oriental Rugs of Williamsburg is considered, without a doubt, the dealer of choice in Virginia.


Scatter rugs provide a unique design element for smaller spaces.


Runners are the prefect way to accentuate any hallway.


Room size rugs add that element to tie an entire room together.