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Timeless Designs - Kazak Rugs

When you begin your search for your first, or fifth, oriental rug you will most likely come across a number of different terms used to identify the different types of rugs. Terms such as Heriz, Tabriz, Jaipur, Peshawar, or Oushak are often used to identify the type and style of different rugs. These terms are actually regional locations where the different designs originated. For instance, Tabriz, Heriz, and Sarouk are different cities in Iran that developed a unique style in rugs that were woven. Peshawar is an area in northern Pakistan that had a distinctive style of rugs woven, and Oushak rugs were woven by nomadic tribes in the Caucus Mountain Range between northern Iran and moving up into southern Russia. These rug designs that were created over a hundred years ago are still being used to create hand-woven rugs today. I am going to focus on a Kazak rug which is just as popular today as it was a hundred years ago.

Kazak Rugs:

Kazak rugs are a little bit more difficult to pinpoint in regards the exact region they were woven. In fact, a Kazak rug is a general term used to identify a rug woven by over a hundred different tribal communities from the Caucus Mountain Region. Even though the term Kazak is broadly used for a lot of different rugs, these rugs all have enough similarities for the term to work. Kazak rugs were historically woven in the Caucuses, and Kazak rugs were very geometric in design. Kazak rugs can be found with one, three, or multiple medallions

in the field of the rug. These rugs were very geometric with very little floral designs. Kazaks were traditionally woven with reds and blues, although today you can find this design woven in a myriad of different color combinations. Kazak rugs originated in areas ranging from Northern Iran, Armenia, Turkey, and up into Souther Russia. The Peshawar region of Pakistan has become fairly well-known recently for their woven rugs in traditional Kazak designs. Kazak rugs are beautiful rugs that range in size from small scatter rugs up into large room sizes. With their bold geometric designs, they can add a lot of life to a room.

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