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Timeless Designs - Heriz Rugs

When you begin your search for your first, or fifth, oriental rug you will most likely come across a number of different terms used to identify the different types of rugs. Terms such as Heriz, Tabriz, Jaipur, Peshawar, or Oushak are often used to identify the type and style of different rugs. These terms are actually regional locations where the different designs originated. For instance, Tabriz, Heriz, and Sarouk are different cities in Iran that developed a unique style in rugs that were woven. Peshawar is an area in northern Pakistan that had a distinctive style of rugs woven, and Oushak rugs were woven by nomadic tribes in the Caucus Mountain Range between northern Iran and moving up into southern Russia. These rug designs that were created over a hundred years ago are still being used to create hand-woven rugs today. I am going to focus on a Heriz rug which is just as popular today as it was a hundred years ago.

Heriz Rugs:

A very popular rug design being used in rugs from all over the orient is the Heriz rug design.

Heriz is a region in northen Iran were this distinctive design was created. Heriz rugs are traditionally woven using a lot of different shades of reds and blues, although you can find modern Heriz rugs in a number of variety of colors. Heriz rugs are known for their large

multi-layered medallion surrounded by a stepped field . This gives the rug a geometric feel, as opposed to floral. The border of the rug is typically a repeating shield, or floral design. The Heriz design is a bold design that can take an otherwise unnoticeable space and really make it pop.

Heriz rugs with this design can be found as early as the mid 1800's, and this timeless design is still being used to influence modern day rugs.

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